Business Trips

We offer the possibility of having a large and welcoming room where you can refresh yourself after a busy day of travel and work.
We are located in an area fairly equidistant between four major cities in northern Italy (Cremona, Mantua, Brescia, Parma) and this allows you to move easily between these provinces thus optimizing time and reconciling it even with rest.

Offered services:


The Airone Restaurant is open every evening to offer a service to all the people who they stay at the hotel. Conventional or à la carte dinner is available.


In Corte Airone there is a fast data line. The maximum capacity has been parceled into parts equal for the number of guests, this to ensure functional access for all.


The ability to print or photocopy documents is available.


The meeting room is available. A large space that can be used in different ways to add i best services to ensure an engaging experience for guests.


During the day it is possible to access the meeting room on the first floor or hold meetings I also work outdoors in the garden of Corte Airone.


Around Corte Airone, on the embankment of the Oglio river in particular, it is possible to follow gods paths for jogging, Nordic walking or other sports practices useful for keeping up in shape. During the summer, it is possible to access the outdoor swimming pool.


Parco delle Noci and Giardino degli Aironi are available with sunbeds and mats for relaxation, during the summer. The arcades in Corte Airone are always available.


Laundry and drying service. A guest iron is also available.